To increase organizational stability and flexibility it is important to organize training programs. It helps the team in acquiring skills to work and also bring high consistency in organizations in retaining people for a long period of time. To increase the productivity of team it is important to build an effective communication to discuss projects and share knowledge. To make such discussions more effective it is important to implement a team collaboration tool. ProMIS.ONE offers a seamless way to create, schedule and complete training. The tool helps in building a collaborative management structure and is highly useful in managing training records and in updating new sessions. This helps the team to acknowledge the upcoming training. Also, it helps the project manager to schedule and notifies different teams about their training agendas. It enables the team members to prepare themselves to make discussions during the session.

Choosing the right software tool help in seamless management of tasks related to training. It offers the best way to meet the growing needs, to update the team about various new technologies, help freshers to gain knowledge in an easy way.

Top Features of Team Collaboration Tool

  • Create Training: User can easily add and update the training plan, and mark the calendar to update the team for the same.
  • Schedule Training: The project manager schedules the training and notifies the team for the same.
  • Maintain Training Records: It keeps track and record of all the training sessions, thus making it easy to analyze different topics being discussed and to design new agendas for future sessions.
  • Add Feedbacks: The members can add their feedback and remarks after the training session. Also, the members can give a score on various aspects like knowledge gained, the content of training, confidence, etc.
  • Can manage training: The tool helps in managing training according to departments thus avoid any confusion and in better organization.
  • Action plans: The tool is user-friendly and gives access to add, update or delete the action plans