ProMIS.ONE is an online document management software solution that helps in organizing, managing, sharing and communicating critical business information. It helps in meeting the needs of an organization irrespective of its size. The software is designed with an objective that helps in team collaboration, workflow management, and approvals thus, yield greater effectiveness and the ability to reuse information and to control the flow of the documents. The tool integrates all the essential document management, collaboration, and advanced search functionality to offer better solutions. The user-friendly interface and seamless management helps in building a highly valuable repository of corporate information assets that facilitates knowledge creation, improves the process of making business decisions, boost workgroups, enhance productivity, etc.

Benefits of Document Management System

  • Document management: The solution helps the organization in controlling enterprise content, collecting information from a digital source, building better collaboration with colleagues on documents and projects, helps in the complete management of documents and a lot more.
  • Records management: It helps the organization to run efficiently and systematically and helps in controlling the creation, reception, maintenance, utilization, and disposition of records. The tool is highly useful in capturing and managing records over time thus providing good access to them. It helps in lifecycle management, information governance, and managing content.
  • Workflow management: The software simplifies business processes and helps employees to coordinate effectively with the organization and each other. It enables the organization to exchange information and to respond quickly to meet the business demands. It helps managers in assigning tasks to groups and users, monitor workflow tasks, status, and process.
  • Automate Tasks: The tool automates almost every task that increases productivity, reduces operational time, improves quality, delivery accurate work, reduce human labor cost, automate documentation.