ProMIS.ONE makes task management easy with its wide range of features. It enables you to assign tasks to your subordinates and access them, review their work and track their work timings. This software provides an option to assign tasks along with their level of priority guiding the employees to carry out the tasks according to their priority level. Employees would know which task to execute first and then on. This task management system enables you and your employees to have a better understanding of the assigned task. 

This task management system would not only ease the management process but will also enhance the productivity and efficiency of the employees. It will reduce the hustle at your workplace and smoothen the process of task assigning and executing. It is really a matter of great confusion and trouble to manage a team constituting a large number of employees. With the expanding team, the complexities and responsibilities also increase giving a hard time to the team manager. Our software comes as a rescue for the team or project managers. It simplifies the whole process of managing tasks with no limitation to the number of team members. Our software is also very useful for every individual employee in the company as it enables each employee to keep a track of the tasks assigned to them, run a timer to execute each task on time and manage their work routine effortlessly. Organize your tasks in a better way with the help of task management system.

Features of Task Management System:

  • Task Planning: It enables you to plan your own tasks and those of your subordinates.
  • Task Scheduling: You can schedule tasks while assigning a particular time to each task.
  • Priority: This system allows you to prioritize the tasks in order to manage work in a better way.
  • Time Tracking: There is a tracker that runs and evaluates the time taken to execute every task. It helps to calculate one’s pace in work.