Organise your employee data at your fingertips with the best employee management system. ProMIS.ONE is a reliable software solution that uses cloud-based technology and prevents an employee from spending hours on maintaining long excel sheets and document files. The software is not only beneficial to HR but also helps project managers to track

Ease your decision-making with the analytically driven metric system with an online employee management system. The software helps in motivating and supporting the team by helping them to make transparent, optimised and analytically driven management decisions. It enables employees to choose time and attendance information. Also, it helps them in managing work schedules, vacation time, time-off requests, shift changes, payroll data, update personal details and lot more. This enhances their empowerment and efficiency.

How Employee Management Solution Boost Workforce Potential?

  • Automatic Scheduling and Forecasting: The software helps the manager to adjust and readjust work schedules in response to employee changes. This helps them to track and identify the members who have shortfalls or have any uncovered tasks.
  • Automate Leave Request: The software automates the process of generating leave request, authorization, and rejections.
  • Increase Employee Productivity: The software works in favor of employee thus enhance their productivity and increases their satisfaction level.
  • Secure Data: All the information like business rules, attendance policies, work schedules, approved leave requests, employee information, scheduled trades stored in ProMIS.ONE remains in secure databases thus reducing the worry of unwanted data breaching.
  • User-Friendly: The software is simple to use and easy to learn. The tool is designed using a modern, clean and intuitive graphical interface that helps in meeting an organizational need in a strategic way. This user-friendly software reduces headaches and hassle of doing all tasks manually.