ProMIS.ONE is a project management system that makes use of different tools and techniques to deliver quality and useful information. It is very helpful for project managers in collecting and distributing information among the team members in a seamless manner. Implement our project management software to plan, execute and complete project management goals. Also, the system is useful in estimating cost, scheduling tasks, tracking the progress of the project and a lot more. The system also comes with special features like talent management that helps HR in managing all the tasks in an organized way. One can manage employees' attendance, mark absentees, manage payroll and leaves without any hassle using the software. It also helps in raising and fixing issues quickly and effectively. With the IT helpdesk, one can raise a ticket and track the progress and can gain an update on the same. The tool helps in tracking the progress and the action being taken on the issues. Thus, it helps in building a better relationship with customers as well.

In brief, it offers an all-one dashboard to plan schedules, budget and execute work to be accomplished in the given time frame.


Different Functions of Project Management System

  • Scheduling: Helps in scheduling projects and building better communication to form the baseline for project control.
  • Estimating: Assigns price to each of the project tasks thus, helps in availing the overall project estimate.
  • Resources: The system offers almost every resource for completion and managing the project.
  • Portals and Dashboards: Has a centralized dashboard that helps in scheduling, document, and project team messaging.
  • Collaborative Work Management Tool: The software tool comes with internal communication tools that allow the team member to communicate effectively with other members of the team.
  • Project Control: Give access to control project in order to measure project progress and to ensure its confirmation.