We live in a world full of smart tools and devices and we are the generation that fosters smart decision making. So why are we still stuck in traditional ways of office management? Technology has already taken a step ahead and presented us with a smart and efficient system called Project Management Information System to carry out the task of management.  A project management information system is a collection of tools and techniques used to manage various projects being executed at various departments in your company. This software eliminates the inefficient, time-taking measures that were earlier implied by the companies. Hence, improves the overall performance of the business.

Project Management Information Software effectively connects the upper and the lower management at an organization eliminating all the barriers and improving the workflow. This system helps to plan, execute and close project goals in a systematic manner. If you are an entrepreneur and are struggling to inculcate better management techniques at your company, then keep reading to find the most robust solution to your problem.

Management Software to Enhance your Business' Functionality

Imagine you no longer have to walk to a particular department to check for the progress of an assigned project or you no longer have to maintain paper records of your employees' details. All you have to do is to open your PC or a laptop, log in to the project management information system software and you have access to every detail of every department. Isn't it Interesting? A project management information system makes all it easy for you and your employees. It has a variety of impressive features that enable you to manage various activities. It enables team managers to assign tasks to their team and check their task progress. Every employee can track his work speed and prioritize his tasks. This software saves the time of every individual, fosters better communication, functionality, work efficiency and productivity. Therefore, it proves to be the best thing that can happen to your organization and its employees.

Key Features of Project Management Information System

  • Project Management: This is one of the most prominent features of management software. It enables project managers, coordinators, and employees to manage multiple projects and reports. There is a feature of task tracking that enables employees to complete their tasks within the deadline. The software generates automatic project reports. Also, it monitors the client's status and track project process. It generates automatic e-mails notifying task statuses.
  • HR Management: The HR department is the most work loaded department of an organization. The project management software eases the task of management for the HR department as it enables the HR team to manage employees' attendance, leave requests, salary issues, queries, and complaints easily and effectively. This software also facilitates employees' performance monitoring, hence, making it easy for the HR team to carry out their mundane tasks.
  • Employee Management: This system offers a user-friendly employee portal. The management can easily manage various documents and details of the employees using this software. Also, it facilitates skill enhancement in employees through training programs and enables every department to schedule weekly training.
  • IT Helpdesk Management: The IT department gets a notification on this software as soon as anyone in the company raises a ticket regarding any issue related to computer software and hardware. Hence, enables better functionality in the organization. It extends excellent support to the employees.
  • Test Management: The project management software increases the testing efficiency and coding quality as a result of better management of test cases. It enables developers to conduct test plans, manage test cases, generate test requests and upload test results and reports.
  • Finance Management: You can manage your multiple accounts and keep an eye on every transaction using the project management software. This system helps you manage your finances better and prepares a monthly or weekly report on finances. 

Get the best Project Management Information System for your Company to enhance your Business Growth

Mesmerized by the impactful features and functionalities of the project management system? Do not delay to implement this one in all, user-friendly software in your company to provide better work experience to your employees and ease your efforts. Revolutionize your office with an efficient management system and raise the bars of performance for your employees. Contact us to get assistance from our team.